Monday, 2 March 2009

Bles, uniform and new saddle

Tried out my new saddle during a very pleasant weekend of napoleonic civilian riding at the Archeon - a lot of fun and truly excellent company!


NB. Unfortunately no pictures of the much better looking female company, as they were taking these pictures. My humble apologies.

My horse, Bles ('Blaze') certainly seemed to enjoy most of the weekend, but was hard challenged by the speed at walk and trot of Albert's trotter (Kidnapper). Had to feel sorry for Bles, trying to keep up with a horse that will trot about as fast as Bles will canter.


Also took the opportunity to ride for a little bit in my newly acquired Boreel uniform. Unfortunately without headdress, and the trousers are obviously too short. I was very relieved that it all 'works' well and is a heck of a lot more comfortable than 'classy' 15th century clothes.

The below picture is one of the cool ones - there's a lot of others that make me grimace at my riding style - work to be done there, for sure.


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