Sunday, 23 August 2009

Bles fully loaded: Horse equipment one step further to completion

The past weeks I've been working on getting my horse equipment closer to completion, making some of the simple cloth bags and such. Especially relevant as I'll need them for the campaign weekend at La Boissiere... After all, it's "if you can't carry it you're not taking it".

Today I had the opportunity to check it all out on my horse, Bles. He didn't seem to mind the extra luggage so much, other than that it extends the already annoying (to him) saddling process even further...


I made a cloth cover for my D-style eating tin, stored on the porte-manteau, and a pair of linen saddle bags, carried in front of the saddle. Since I don't have the pistol holsters yet, and my saddle has a straight (vertical) pommel, they seem to sit a little low. I think that together with the porte-manteau (still on loan from Martijn until I have made my own), I've got enough carrying capacity.


Also on proud display is my brand-spanking new cloak, that I finished over my summer holiday. Yes, that'd be the dark blue thing stored above the saddle bags.


Fortunately, it all comes together very comfortable during riding, hardly seem to notice the bags at all, except maybe just a little when cantering.

Now I just have to finish 2 shako couvres before Thursday....

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Coat in the making

Working on my overcoat to make ure I have it ready for La Boissière-Ecole. It's nearly finished, just need to do both rows of buttons on the front still.

Quite pleased with the result so far, it's a relief making something that does not have to fit close to the body for a change...



Looking at the photos I will need to check the cuve at the bottom once all the buttons are in, looks to me like the sides are a touch too low relative to the front.

Also, I'm not 100% happy with the way the back buttons up, but that may improve once it's had the time to fully fall into place.